If you are already legally in the United States on a visa or are in a foreign country and are interested in investing in a new or existing business, you and your family may be eligible for an investor visa.

United States policies encourage foreign investors to contribute to American commerce through investment as treaty traders or treaty investors. Our New York Immigration lawyers can assist many international individuals to obtain or renew their investor visas.

E visas are only available to citizens of countries in which the US has a treaty agreement (“Treaty of Commerce and Navigation”). Our office will be able to determine if you are eligible.

Difference between E-1 and E-2 visas:

  • E-1: The E-1 visa is appropriate for individuals who plan to carry on substantial trade, or to operate a business in which they have invested or will soon invest a substantial amount of capital.
  • E-2: The E-2 visa is intended for foreign nationals who are planning to engage in a substantial investment (such as a business providing services or technology). The investor should own more than 50 percent of the proposed investment or enter the U.S. as an employee of a business that provides more than 50 percent of the total investment.

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