Many individuals who come to United States on visitor visa would like to extend their visa, so they apply for a visa extension or renewal. Finding the correct documents for Visa Renewal in New York City as well as where to apply for Visa renewal can be difficult. Deciding on the best course of action for renewing  your visa can determine whether you will stay in the country or face deportation.  IT is critical if you are not absolutely sure of the best way to renew your visa in New York City, you contact a New York City Immigration Lawyer that can help you with the Visa Renewal Process

Various types of Visas can make the Visa Renewal in New York Difficult

Given the variety of types of U.S. visas, the procedure can be quite complex. Most people who are renewing a visa do not realize that having a visa previously does not mean they will be approved again. Many believe it will be easier when attempting to renew their visa, but this is not necessarily the case.  A Great New York City immigration lawyer can help with the forms, deadlines and regulations for renewing your visa and make the process easier.

Remember, the visa approval process is subjective, and it is the Immigration Officer who has the final decision.

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