If you are facing removal from the United States and are living in New York it is imperative that you have aggressive, knowledgeable New York City Immigration Law Firm on your side. Facing the prospect of deportation is one of the most frightening events one could face in their life. There are many ways one can be placed in removal proceedings, including but not limited to:

  • Being charged with a crime.
  • Targeted in an immigration raid on a business that employs large numbers of documented and undocumented workers from other countries.
  • Entered the U.S. because you were engaged to an American or had married an American, but did not pass the interview to get a provisional green card or the USCIS says that you are inadmissible because of something from your past.
  • Being detained at a detention center.
  • Lived and studied or worked in the U.S. for a long time. Perhaps your children were born here or you own a business. Now you have been told that you have overstayed your visa, committed fraud in connection with your visa or for some other reason may be asked to leave the U.S.

Are You Facing U.S. Immigration Troubles Involving Deportation/Detention/Removal? Contact an Attorney

Our New York immigration lawyers have helped many immigrants in similar situations. Our New York Deportation attorneys routinely apply for and obtain court orders of cancellation of removal for permanent and non-permanent residents on the basis of hardship along with other forms of waivers. Our attorneys have won other cases through appeals in immigration court. In some cases, we have had clients who had the right to U.S. citizenship through their parents, but did not realize it until we investigated.

We can help you confront the frightening situation of a deportation threat. Our New York immigration lawyers understand the immigration court systems inside and out. We are prepared to fight for your ability to live and study or work in this country, even in the face of great odds. No lawyer can guarantee or promise a particular outcome in a deportation defense case, but many of our clients of the past can verify our reputation for getting results even in complex cases.

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